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The professional educators of the Burlington School District and the Board of School Commissioners are united in the belief that students are best provided with quality education when educators establish the standards for their own professional growth that are consistent with the Core Teaching and Leadership Standards and the Burlington School District's initiatives.  

We believe that educators, like all professionals, can continue to grow, to improve, to achieve higher levels of competence, and to ensure public trust through a system that permits professional educators to establish those standards that define excellence for their profession. 

We believe that these goals are best met when professionals work together to establish and maintain the process by which individuals are held accountable.

Educator Responsibilities
~Check the Calendar for LSB Meeting dates and Workshops.
~Own your license.

~Be familiar with the "New Renewal Requirements" at the bottom of the page!

~IPDPs, IPLPs and Portfolios are gone!

~Follow the three 'Phases' of the online renewal process in the order presented in the 'pages' section of this site!

~Renew Online: Directions at the bottom of the page.

~LSB Meetings are held at Hunt Middle School Room A-15 starting @3:30.

Licenses, evidence of professional development and questions should be sent to your building representative or a chairperson.
General Information
It is the educator's responsibility to:
  • Maintain a license in good standing throughout your employment.
  • Update your profile, especially e-mail address, phone and physical address.
  • Meet with a representative of your Local Standards Board within the first six months of employment.
  • Enter professional development online as soon as possible! All forms must be submitted digitally through the state's online system.
  • Renew your license during the last year of the licensing period.
Vermont Agency of Education
Office of Educator Licensing
219 North Main Street
Suite 409
Barre, VT 05641
Phone: 802.479.1700

LSB Representatives
+ Kissell, Patty
+ Korman, Tim (Co-Chairperson)
+ Mazuzan, John
+ Neil, Kathy
+ Patalano, Alice
+ Walsleben, Linda (Co-Chairperson)
+ Wright, Sarah
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